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My wife and I want to expand our photography reperatoire, we plan on taking some classes up in Rockland at the Photohgraphy Workshops this spring. I'm pretty sure we cant share our spot and probably need to go as 2 people, instead of 1 couple...

We are upgrading our camera anyway.. We use an Olympus 8080, and I am looking at getting 2 D70s with some lenses to split between the two of us rather than getting a D200. After a year or so I'm sure we may want to get 1 better camera and consolidate the 2, what do you all think of this?

Thanks in advance, ad
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In my opinion it is best (especially in the beginning) to give each person their own camera, so they can shoot freely without the other interupting or needing the camera at the same time.
So your plan sounds good to me
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If money is a concern, I'm not sure what the D70s run price wise right now, but I know the D40x is an excelent starter cam and it's cheap with a kit lens at only ~$700 new. Just an option. I use a D40x and I've had great results with it and the 18-55mm lens that came with it. It does everything I can see the upper level cameras doing with options for a more simplified point and shoot method for when the unknowing needs to use the camera. The only downside to them is the lack of an internal focus drive motor requiring the use of AF-S or HSM lenses which are rather expensive. It will work with regular AF lenses, but you lose the auto focus. I'm looking into getting a D80 body now for future use and pass the D40x to the wife since her interest has peaked from my photo creations.
Also note the D70 is 6.24MP and the D40x is 10.75MP.
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