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I'd like to get some feedback on my situation, and advice as to what you would do in the same situation.

My current camera is a Nikon D70s. I'm pretty happy with it, it still works fine and does most of what I need it to do.

I'm looking to upgrade, and mostly for the following reasons:

- LCD. The LCD on the D70s is too small and too low resolution for me to effectively view the sharpness of images. I frequently think I have some great images, but upon review on a computer they are too blurry to be used.

- Buttons/Layout/Body. I'm starting to get more into manual stuff, and I'm finding that some buttons are not intuitive (such as the ISO/WB buttons being with all other buttons).

- No vertical grip option.
- Dark viewfinder.

These are simple issues to resolve with current Nikon cameras, but the problem is my budget. I'm trying to stay below 1000-1200. I can afford more, but I'm not that dedicated to photography yet and I'd rather spend the money I save on a better lens (currently have the kit 18-70, and a 50 1.8, will possibly have the 55-200 VR soon).

Recently Amazon lowered the price on the D200 body only to 799. To me, this is a great offer. It solves all of the problems, I'm just concerned about 1 of them. The LCD. It is a 2.5" 230k pixel screen (versus the 2" 130k on the D70s). It also offers a 400% playback zoom, versus the D70s' 200% playback zoom.

The only real alternative is the D300, which exceeds my budget, but it has a 3" 980k pixel screen. Other than this the camera has no features that I'd miss. Is this worth almost twice the price? (800 vs. 1500)?

Someone suggested the D90 as an option, but this has the problem that the button layout/body construction is mostly the same as a D70s. For $200 more I don't feel that it is worth sacrificing those things just for the LCD.

I haven't seen a D200 in real life, so I can't decide whether the quality of the LCD is enough of an upgrade over the D70S. Not to mention the 'risk' of buying a camera that has been discontinued and is from the same generation as the camera I'm trying to replace. But the price of the body is extremely tempting.

Thanks in advance.
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So, did you just need somewhere to express all of your options? It seems that you pretty well understand your choices. You know your value system, and what different things are worth to you. This is a decision you will have to make for yourself.
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799 for the d200 is a fan tastic price.a superior camera to all the lesser models.you will be pleased stepping up from the d70.:|

btw i have a d300 and i still get home and download to my 17 inch computer screen and i often find my pictures to be noware near as sharp as i had anticipated from viewing the rear lcd.believev it or not the 3 inch hi res screen isnt much more help than a 2 inch low rez lcd.
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