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Default Can Pentax Flash Be Used?

I have the Nikon D300 & D3, and have a question about Flash components. I am just really starting to get into 'flash' photography, and I have the Nikon SB-800. I also have a Pentax 540, from my previous camera system, and was wondering it that unit could be remotely used in conjunction with my Nikon flash. As yet, I don't know how to set it up to find out for myself. But I would really like to know the answer to this before selling off all of my Pentax gear.
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Using something like this would allow you to trigger the Pentax flash with the Nikon flash. However I don't think this one would work as DSLRs have a preflash to measure the light for TTL and this unit doesn't appear to have a setting to ignore preflash. You wouldn't get TTL from the Pentax flash but it may be possible with the right trigger. Not sure if the Nikon preflashes when the flash is set to manual so using manual flash exposure may be a way around it. http://www.jessops.com/online.store/...ts-_-all-_-all
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The Pentax AF-540FGZ does have a built-in SLAVE mode that allows it to fire when it sees a flash -- without having to hook-up a separate external trigger.

(But as pointed out by Nagaski, if the Nikon / SB800 does some pre-flash flashes, it may trigger the AF-540FGZ. And you won't get any iTTL magic happening.)

But to set the 540 into SLAVE mode . . .

1) When you turn it on, don't move the on/off switch all the way to the right. Move it to the middle position.

2) Then press the "M/C/S" button at the bottom until you see "SLAVE" appear on the LCD screen at the top right.

3) Then choose between Auto mode (A) or Manual mode (M) by pressing the "MODE" button.

In Auto mode, you can select the F setting & ISO setting.

In the Manual mode, you can set the power of the flash from full down to 1/64.

Also, as Nagasaki mentions, if you are using the flashes in manual mode, the 540 can definitely be used as a manual slave flash.

Hope this helps.

Take care,
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Thanks guys.

Sorry that it took so long to get back to you, on this, but I have just been so crazy busy.

Much appreciation.
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