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Default Can someone teach me to use DOF Button on D80?

Can someone teach me to use DOF Button on D80?

Friends, can you show me how to use DOF Button on D80?
I tried to use them, what is the specific issue.
I have 50mm 1.8, 17-55 f2.8., 18-55mm f3.5. lenes.

What is different between dof preview and normal?

I tell you the truth that I 've never had a view of DOF or different.
I used to see in the different in old old one as Canon AE1, when i was young.

Please help me, the blind of DOF
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With a modern SLR or dSLR, the camera leaves the aperture wide open for focusing and framing, only closing the aperture iris down to the selected aperture (f/stop) when you actually take the photo.

When you press and hold the Depth of Field Preview button, the camera closes down the aperture to the selected setting until you release the button. That feature is designed to let you better judge Depth of Field (how much of the image is in focus) for a given aperture, focal length and focus distance.

For example, you may use a lens like your 50mm f/1.8 using Aperture Priority with your camera set to f/8 for more depth of field. But, what you see through your viewfinder is still an f/1.8 image (shallower depth of field). So, by pressing and holding the preview DOF button, you can see the impact of your f/8 aperture setting (more of the image in focus as you get closer or further away from the camera's focus point)

That's all good in theory... But, because most viewfinders on dSLR models with an APS-C size sensor are not that good (i.e., they're relatively small), it's tough to judge Depth of Field (more of the image may appear to be in focus than actually is in focus when you see the image at a larger viewing size later). It's a feature that I rarely use.
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