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Default choosing the jpeg format?

is it best to set the camera setting with jpeg fine (1/4) or jpeg normal (1/8)?

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Originally Posted by lgbalfa View Post
is it best to set the camera setting with jpeg fine (1/4) or jpeg normal (1/8)?

If I understand the question, my answer is always this: Set your camera to capture the most megapixels it is capable of. My reasoning is that, while you can always discard information in downsizing, it is impossible to add information to a file that never contained that information to begin with. One day, you may want to make a 20X30 print. I have made several, after telling myself I never would print that big.

Sorry for being long-winded. Large/fine..max MP. You can't go wrong.
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JPEG images are compressed using a method that will lose some detail from the original scene. JPEG Normal compresses the image more (loses more detail) than JPEG Normal. For most things, I suggest you use JPEG Fine, but if you are just taking vacation snapshots and need the extra space on your memory cards that the greater compression will give you, go ahead and use JPEG Normal.
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G'day mate

As I understand that part of the JPEG function -

In 'normal' compression mode the JPG algorithm works on a 16 x 16 pixel array [=256 pixels] as it does its merry dance in the compression process and ends up with an array of 8 x 8 pixels [64 pixels] being saved to the memory card ie: 1/4 or 1:4 compression

In 'fine' JPG mode the algorithm works on a 16 x 8 pixel array which drops down to the 8 x 8 pixels ... ie: a 1/2 [1:2 compression], thus giving you a better image for large prints

NB: don't forget that the other part of the algorithm magnifies these 64 pixel blocks back to 256 pixels for viewing & printing, thus a 12mpx image returns to 12 mpx, it's just that some pixels have been "lost" and then "duplicated" later on

It is when you go to a 1:16 or 1:32 high compression but low quality that your final image will show heaps of compression artefacts and loss of quality

Hope this helps a bit
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