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Ok, I have a camera (D80)with multiple lens, I have some books on how to this and that. Then I was like, DUH, I didn't get anything for cleaning the lens etc.... What should I have in kit and what should I stay away from. There is dry and then there is wet. I hate to sound so new at this, but that is where I am and I don't want to ruin anything. As always, thank you inadvance for your time and help with this stuff.


PS, after reading my post, I bet you all are rolling your eyes and laughing!
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I use a lens cleaning tissue slightly damp(not wet)with a lens cleaner fluid that you can buy at any decent camera shop.Then I wipe it over with a soft lens cleaning cloth. While we are on this, your next question will be about sensor cleaning I guess. I have had my D40X for a year and have only had to blow dust offthe sensor once and that was when I got it back from Nikon after a pixel mapping. I used a Rocket blower. I have had the Visible Dust. Artic Butterfly recommended to me by a dealer as a first line of cleaning and only wet cleaning when absolutely necessary.If you Google "cleaning camera sensors" you will get loads of information. A friend of mine, a semi pro,has had a D50 since it was first released, changes lenses and has never blown or cleaned his sensor once yet. Perhaps he is just lucky but I have seen a lot of his pics at A4 and they look good to me, he tells me he has never had to clone out dust or dirt.!!

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I use a blower (actually a sucker) that I found in the baby isle at Wal-Mart for cleaning dust off anything dusty. I also use the lens tissue from a camera store. It comes in convient packs that are easy to store and carry. I never get it wet though.
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