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Default Cleaning Questions?????

Ok, this board has been a very valuable amount of information!! I bow my head at the next line of questions. What do I need to clean my camera/lenses??? I know not to just "grab" a paper towel off the roll and start wiping the glass etc. I have noticed that I'm starting to get some spots in my pictures and they are dust (ahhhhhh!). For the big question, what do I get??????? Thank you in advance for your help with this!!!
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Take a look at these:

How To Clean a Camera Sensor

The Lensrentals Lens Cleaning Methods
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If you see spots on your pictures it's not dust on the lens it's dust (or something else) on the censer.
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To add to TCav's suggestion, here's another link to check out:


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Another good article on sensor cleaning is http://www.bythom.com/cleaning.htm, in which Thom Hogan explains his technique (and also why he opposes using the arctic butterfly mentioned in the Lens Rental video.) Mr. Hogan's approach is pretty much what I've always been told to do. A Giottos Rocket and this inexpensive kit http://www.adorama.com/CPVDMSK16.html is all you need. FWIW
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Normal sensor cleaning is not that hard to just do it yourself...

See here:


The cleaning fluid evaporates almost intantly and leaves no residue itself...

I myself would be sure to use air to blow out excess dust first before doing
the wet cleaning part... Use a Rocket-Blower or equivelent -DO NOT BLOW

Dust on the sensor is common... See what it says at the bottom of this
page about zoom lenses and dust on the sensor...


I normally deal with that place for my lens filters and cleaning products...
The pre-moistened swabs are great to just carry in your bag...

Hope that's helpful...

D7k with old/new glass and a few other things...
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Thank you EVERYONE, this is why I ask!! Thanks for all the info!!

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