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The exif data includes the lens (at least it does for the D80). If you look at the post above, note JimC including it when he read my exif data with his viewer:
Lens : 18-135mm F3.5-5.6
Perhaps with a less intelligent lens the camera may not know the lens type and therefore not save the information but I would guess 99% of the time this wouldn't be the case.

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What viewer did JimC use? I have Opanda Exif 2.3 and another Exif viewier I "just" downloaded this morning called KUSO Exif Viewer 2.0 and this one DOES tell the lens I used. It can tell if I have the Nikon 55-200 VR lens on for the shot or my older Tamron 28-200 f3.8-5.6. The one JimC used seemed to also tell what the serial number of the lens was. Is that correct? How many Exif viewers are out there?

Kind of off topic, but was wondering.

Other thing, speaking of contrast controls and such. I had tried to do some bracket testing on pictures with the 28-300 Tamron to get the best idea for setting on the camera; either -0.3 0.0 or +0.3 well, I set the bracket to 3 pictures on the left button and with the commander dial and took pictures. Seems even though I had it set at 0.3 internally it exposed at -1.3 0.0 and +1.3 or just 1 stop either way. ALSO, I forgot to swictch off the bracket thing on the side with the commander dial, and even set at "SINGLE" it was bracketing up and down from picture to picture. I thought.. whaaattttt??? Move the bracket back to 0 and all is well on the farm. Cows are happy, horses neigh and the rooster looks for a fight. He'll soon be fodder for the chicken and noodles if he don't mind his manners better!

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The Winemaker wrote:
What viewer did JimC use?

(linux only)

Keep in mind that the makernotes section of the EXIF is proprietary to a manufacturer. So, developers have to reverse engineer it to try and determine what information is there (since camera manufacturers don't publish that info). That makes it difficult to find one product that can decode all of the info from a variety of cameras.

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As FYI to anyone that read this thread and my comment about Photoshop Elements appearing in the Exif Data. It isn't the organizer - it is the editor that does this as soon as you open a file (even if you don't save it). I NEVER edit my originals but noticed as soon as you open a file in the editor - it will edit the Exif data and save the file (Not nice) - I wonder what else it is changing. No program should edit your file upon opening - this just doesn't seem right. I want my originals to stay originals (I always save under a new name). I posted this question (How do I make this stop) to the Elements forums.

Also - I found a decent Exif viewer here:
Just right click the file from Windows Explorer and you can view the Exif.
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