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Best way to photo sunsets over water and landscapes. If the camera is set to program, where should I meter . . . directly into the sun, off to the side? I really don't have a clue. Need help.
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There is simply no single right answer. Actually what you'll find in many sunsets where the sun itself is still visible (especially over water) the dynamic range of the scene is too great to capture anyway. How much light intensity you allow the sun to have in the photo is a matter of personal taste. My advice is to bracket your exposures and shoot in RAW. The bracketing will allow you to see the different possible exposures and get a feel for how you prefer to express the intensity of the light. The RAW will give you some flexibility to adjust those shots. AND you can do multiple conversions from RAW and do a blended exposure.

I haven't used any of the HDR software so no idea how it would work in a situation with moving subject (like water or trees). But I find in any situation where you have great dynamic range the above approach gives you more flexibility. Once you develop your own style and preference you'll find less need for bracketing (or at least less range of bracketing)
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