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Unlike the heading which should read 'Image flashing' not flasing (almost sounds like self abuse) :lol:

Does anyone know what causes the image in the LCD display to flash black on a fairly light area of the picture. It seem more prevelent with certain settings then others and does not seem to effect the picture when viewed on the computer. I am assuming it may be an over exposed problem and the camera is just letting you know.... just curious if anyone else have ran into this... I can find nothing in the user manual mentioning this? :? Just Curious
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One of the photoplayback mode is to show blown area of your picture. You change the playback mode by pressing right or left on the knob next to the display.
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Basically the flashing is the lack of information in the camera - thus - white. Snow and so forth will cause that. It's not always a bad thing - more like a warning that whatever it is there was a lack of information (or to much??) and this - it's blinding white.
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Default Zebra software

Tazman 57
The above comments are basically correct. More specifically it is software that, as noted also on monitor, shows the "highlites", or, over exposed parts of the image. Borrowed from the video world where 'Zebra bars' are written into the software to signal highlights. That function should be able to turn on and off, I, however have not been able to disable mine. sometimes it gets a little annoying.
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On my cameras (D90 & D40) when looking at an image, pressing the up/down positions on the four-way controller will cycle through the different display modes. Highlight warning is one of the modes, histogram another, simple display is yet another mode.
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