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Hello - I am a new member to the forum and this is my first post so please excuse if I make an error. I just became interested in HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) photography. I need to find out how to, if it is at all possible, lock the mirror upto minimize shake and improve image sharpness while using the exposure bracketing to capture the needed images for HDRI on my D200? I know how to lock the mirror up for a single shot and how to bracket exposures, but I have searched extensively and cannot find out how to do both simultaneously. Can anyone resolve my problem? Or is the D200 not capable of doing both at the same time? Thank you and I anxiously await your response(s). DSD
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I have been able to use the d200 with mirror lock-up for HDRI panoramics.
My impression is that the mirror lock-up makes a significant difference.
I am not talking about the lock-up prior to a single picture that is timed to 0.4 or
0.5 seconds, rather the mirror lock-up using a remote.
I purchased a phottix wireless remote for something like 20$ and it is the
greatest price-performance purchase I have made in photography. (it was on Ebay)
I actually did not use the wireless remote, just the part that is attached to the
camera that has a button. The camera is placed in mirror lock-up mode and then
that works automatically when the remote is used to trigger. Works great!!!
Maybe I will put myself in one of the panoramics since I have the wireless remote.
Anyway, I highly recommend the phottix to accomplish what you want.

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I can't remember where I found this...but it's a great outline for how to set mirror lock-up and also give the camera a chance to "settle down" on the tripod.

Step 1:
Set your bracketing preferences (number of shots spanning an exposure range etc.)
For this example I'll assume we've set a 5-frame bracket.

Step 2:
It's a D200 feature that the Shooting Modes CL and CH will automatically stop at the end of a bracketed sequence whenever bracketing is ‘primed', so rotate the Shooting Mode dial to CL (low-rate continuous firing).

Step 3:
In Custom Menu d4 - Shooting Speed, set your Continuous Low firing rate to the lowest available 1 FPS (it's on 3 FPS by default). Hopefully this will allow the vibrations to settle as much as possible between shutter operations.
For this example, one whole bracket-sequence would take at least 5 seconds to complete.

Step 4:
In Custom Menu d5 - set Exposure Delay Mode to ON.
This gives us the 4/10ths sec mirror-up delay prior to each shutter release. Note that this will slightly stretch the time needed for each of our 5 bracketed exposures. In theory it will add 2 whole seconds to a 5-sequence bracket, so we must allow at least 7 seconds for them to complete.
(The Self-Timer option, Custom Menu c4, plays no part here.)

Step 5:
In the Shooting Menu, select "Intvl Timer Shooting" and proceed through its stages ...

5a. On "Now", press the Multi-Selector to the right (or set a Start Time if you prefer).

5b. In "Interval", set a time in HH : MM : SS that will safely embrace our bracketing sequence, and maybe add a few seconds for comfort.
For this example, let's give it a 6 second comfort margin, so we will see 00 : 00 : 13 in our display. (7 seconds for bracketing + 6 seconds for comfort).

5c. Press the Multi-Selector to the right, and where it says "Select Intvl*Shots", select the number of times you wish your bracketing sequence to be repeated.
For this example I'll assume we want 8 bracket-sequences, so I will set it to show 008 x 1 = 008
We must leave the "Shots" value at ‘1' otherwise the D200 will abandon the bracket setting we made in Step 1 above.
Now - This is the last step before we launch our D200 on its mission.

5d. Press the Multi-Selector to the right, and move the highlight to "On".
DO NOT press the Multi-Selector again, but instead press the "Enter" button at the bottom-left-rear of the D200.


After an interesting pause of about 2 seconds, the D200 will begin this sequence:
5 bracketed shots at 1.4 second intervals (total 7 seconds)
A 6 second comfort pause
repeated 8 times
Total execution time = (7 + 6) x 8 = 104 seconds (approx.)
Total number of frames captured = 5 x 8 = 40
(That "interesting delay" of 2 seconds after we press "Enter" is NOT related to ANY menu or delay setting on the D200! but it's useful nevertheless to let any vibrations settle. Maybe it was designed-in by Nikon(!?))

I've used this scheme for 10-shot sequences with my D200 + 70-200mm VR lens on a Benbo tripod on the verge of a busy road with cars zooming past causing occasional gusts of wind, and I had rock-steady exposures throughout.

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Interesting suggestions… I would never have thought of this procedure by myself. Thanks… I will definitely give them a try. DSD
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