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Having recently played with CS3, I was keen to try the Camera Raw INterface with some JPG. I therefore set my D200 to JPG for the first time (having previosuly been an avid RAW user).

I was shocked at the noise in my images. Switching back to RAW, the results were vastly better.

Has anyone else noticed this issue, themselves?


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Hi Andre,

I have a D200 and do not get any noise using jpg. I sometimes will shoot pictures in the fine + raw mode. I compare the pictures and can't find any difference in them in CS2 or lightroom. I generally just shoot everything in jpg. and they print up just fine.


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What are your image quality settings?? If you are shooting basic quality instead of normal or fine, you may notice a difference, especially if you look very closely. What you would be seeing are compression artifacts, not noise. You would also have to consider the amount of in camera sharpening that is being applied. Try resetting you camera to default settings, and shooting in JPEG fine, and see if you're still seeing alot of noise.
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If you change your settings for Optimal Quality instead of Size Priority for jpeg that may make a difference. I shoot jpeg basic and set my jpeg setting to Optimal Quality. I also use the auto iso feature as well. I don't pixel peep since it really does not make a bit of difference in my prints which is no bigger than 8.5x11.

Noise will show in both raw or jpeg if exposure is off and the most I do with my shots is crop, levels adjust, contrast boost if need be, if need be adjust WB, resize for web if need be and USM if need be. Takes very little time for me and I don't have the kind of time to work with RAW that it seems alot of people have. I am not opposed to RAW, just that I am happy with the results I get with the settings I use.
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