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I am a serious Nikon user since many years. Therefore, I have to face the reality !

As I had a great F90x ( N90s) before, when I bought it, there was not too many body than this one in Nikon, only the F4... Then came the F5... and the F100 came later... The F70 & F50 were updated to F80 & F60, wich are "downgraded" F100 to me !

Then followed the F65, F6... The F6, that is an improved F100 ! Same thing happens in digital world ! My D100 is positioned just as my old F90x ! nothing is really about to replace this camera with it's functionalities and features. The D70, was a downgraded D100, as there is no vertical grip. D70s samething...same camera ! The D50, is a downgraded D70s !!! But they ran from D1 to D1h and D1x... to D2h and D2x and D2hs...

But nothing into the middle of the line-up !

While Canon had their D30, upgraded to D60, improved it with their 10D, now their 20D....! ALL MID-RANGE cameras...! not forgetting their 5D as Full Frame mid-range !

One more point... Pentax, with their *ist D, uses the same sensor as D100... obviously, this camera cost less and gives better results ! this is one more deception I have using Nikon ! and they are more expansives than other brands, for same kind of camera...!

So I really wonder ehat Nikon will bring to us ! hopefully something REAL nice ! but please don't tell me I'm dreaming...

Le Bauffe
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I bought, like and will keep my Nikon 8800. I was hoping to buy a Nikon dSLR to compliment this (and share a speedlight system)!!!The 8800offers some things a dSLR can't (really compact when I need that, videos, ...)

Well, ...

8 mpixel (vs. 6 a small difference, but in the right direction), excellent low light performance, fast shooting rate, good reputation, ...--- I'm talking about the Canon 20D I bought yesterday!

Too bad Nikon can't keep up. D50 and D70s as a successor to the D70 is an insult.


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Old Sep 1, 2005, 12:48 PM   #3
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Nikon can't keep up? Sigh... as if Canon doesn't have any catching up to do in their flash systems, not to mention Canon doesn't have HSC in any of their line up [img]/forums/images/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img] I just read an article on the October issue of Shutterbug by Jack Hollingsworth (The Real Stuff), and I couldn't agree more. People (specially on webforums filled with geeky males) seem to regard their cameras as ornaments, "bling-blings" that they want to show off... As Jack Hollingsworth, I'm tired of all this tech chatter about photography. I'll say no more.
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I used a D2X, also a D70 and I still prefer My D100 over anything else. I do not see how they will improve the D100 because it does everything in the real world of photography that I will ever need. It does it Well and is affordable.
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"bling-blings" that they want to show off...

The only thing I want to show off, are great photos on the wall! :-)

When I'm going to spend about $4000, I want to make sure I get the most for my $$$$ since I'm not going to do this very often (hopefully!)

Canon 20D came, but with a bonus --- lots of dirt on the imager filter and a long fiber + dirt on the focusing screen. Option from vendor was to return for refund. So, I may end up with a Nikon afterall!


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