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I hope that it is OK to post somethimng of this nature, here. If not, please (Moderator) delete it, under the realization that I meant no intentional wrongdoing.

I had a little more time to view my newly arrived set of EliteVideo DVD tutorials, and wished to post my feelings on it, for the benefit of anyone else that it may also help.
Each of the two DVD's are 90 minutes long, and I still have only had time to get through about 3/4 of the first one. This thing is chock-full of very helpful information, and I really like the way that the two main presenters deliver the info. I don't mind reading through a manual, but this kind of 'visual' stuff just seems to allow much quicker grasping. Plus, these tutorials go even better by giving examples. I did have concerns, initially, about these tutorials being anywhere good enough to warrant what EliteVideo was asking for it, but (after what has already been seen) I would not have had issue with paying even more for it.
This set might not be seen as that good, to someone who is already a practiced & very familiar user of DSLR's, because it seems that there is a good bit of content on basic operations. To a fledgling like myself, though, ALL of the information is invaluable (and, again, it should be noted that I am only through the first three-quarters of DVD disk #1). What must also be considered is the fact that this tutorial is dedicated to the Nikon D300, which should appeal to the even more experienced photographers who are new to this particular camera.
Allow me to say that I am no 'shill' (I believe that's what they are called), nor do I have any other type of personal interest with EliteVideo. I have entered this information solely for the benefit of someone else who may also find a need for what these disks have to offer. They are - to me, at least - a HUGE help.

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I recently downloaded a few small D300 video tutorials from YouTube, and those alone were worth their weight in, lets say "Silver". I imagine the full tutorials would be worth their weight in gold. I have seen these DvD's in the shops for D200's, D80's but as of yet, not the D300... I am heading into town tomorrow morning and will be on the lookout for one - Who Knows...!!!

I also want to look at the new 18-55mm VR lens. I just checked the price from the one shop which is advertising them, and unless they made a mistake, it will cost about half the price of the 55-200mmVR. I must investigate...!!!
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