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Default D300 - Hot pixels

Hi! I was taking pictures in a dimly lit restaurant this evening, and rather than annoy the patrons by using flash, I set the film speed to ISO 3200 and was as unobtrusive as possible.

I took a quick look at the results and noticed there were two hot-pixels in exactly the same place in each frame (at ISO3200).

I've just ran a quick test which involved leaving the lens cap on, and taking one frame at each ISO setting, and a close examination of each frame shows the two hot-pixels to be there, just noticeable at ISO2000, and getting slightly more prominent at all setting up to the max.

Even in the worst case, it's quite easy to fix in PS, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed the same problem, and whether or not it's worth returning the camera under warranty.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or comments -
- Wil
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i have a 3 year old D50, I've never seen this happen with mine (granted, i don't think mine will do over ISO1600, so if it required ISO2000 before it was visible, I'd likely never see it)

My comment is to your question "is it worth returning the camera under warranty". I say, if Nikon or your retailer will replace it under warranty, I'd do it. If I was spending that kind of money on a camera, I'd expect it to be perfect, anything less and I'd do everything I could to get it replaced. Then of course, how often do you shoot at ISO2000+ and is it worth the effort...
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This belongs in the DSLR category.
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Ooops, my bad! Mods, please move it to an appropriate forumů

- Wil
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i don't think I'd even worry about. Shooting at 3200 (or even 2000) brings out many bad image characteristics beyond hot pixels. Unless you see the hot pixels at ISO's below 1600, I wouldn't bother returning it.
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I have in the past sent my D40x back to Nikon to get H/Ps removed( they showed up at 800 iso), the first time it came back with them still there, the second time they replaced the sensor but returned it with dust on the sensor, which I blew off ok. However 6 months later more H/ps have returned but although it's still under warraunty I'm not sure whether to bother again. Nikon told me that the CMOS sensors are not quite so prone to H/Ps. Although I saw a review of the D5000 at 3200 ISO and there were plenty of H/Ps on view.The D300 is CMOS.
Why Nikon dont include pixel mapping in their bodies like Olympus I cant imagine. It cant be that expensive, as it is on Oly.s entry level dslrs.

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