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Default D3100 question

Ive been using my new D3100 for almost 2 months now and LOVE IT but have a question.. I have recently notices that sometimes I will press the shutter button 1/2 way down and it doesnt beep and I cant take a photo. what is the reason for this??

edit: I assume this is because the camera can not AUTOFOCUS? the photo looks in focus to me so I dont know why it wont let me take a photo.. I can usually put it on manual focus, focus and then it takes a shot.

This is using either the 18-55 or 55-200 kit lenses...


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It is most likely the focus distance the lens is capable of. Usually too close to the subject is what causes this. Back away a bit and see if it doesn't take a picture then.
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There are various reasons that a lens will fail to autofocus. These include, as mentioned above, that you are too close to the focal point for the lens; that the subject is too dark; and that the focal point is on too uniform a subject -- if you do architectural photography, for example, you may have this problem if the focal point is on a blank wall. I have also had this problem with my Tokina 12-24 when the scene is all high contrast -- e.g., I was shooting in a reasonably well-lit wooded area, where the tree trunks were essentially black and the surrounding area was bright but featureless, and couldn't get an autofocus lock. I expect that just about any standard fl lens could have focused on a scene like that, but IME UWA lenses are more prone to fail to focus. FWIW
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I had the similar problem with the blank wall when taking photos in a foreclosed home. At the time was using a D40 which only had 3 focus points. Occasionally happens with the D90 despite it's 11 focus points

Solution - other than switching to manual focus - would swing down to floor/baseboard. Press shutter halfway fo focus and while continuing to hold shutter halfway, swing up and reframe. A shortcut, or if have problems holding shutter halfway, when focused as above, press the AE-L/AF-L button and reframe.

Had a similar situation but same solution when taking a picture of a spider on a web and autofocus was on the trees and sky. In this case, manual is really best, but alternatively, choose another object about the same distance as the spider and lock that focus.
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