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I hope you can help,D40 & AF 50mm f1.8D Lens

I am new to DSLR cameras and lenses,I own a new D40,great step up from a point and shoot. I have read good things about this lens and want to know how difficult it is to use.I know it won't autofocus with the D40,but what else do I need to know about a prime lens(ie how to line up the different markings on the lens there seems to be a lot of calibrations on this type of lens)Do I need to set the aperture manually as well as the focus.I would be grateful for any help.
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Leave the aperture ring set at smallest aperture (highest f/stop number), which is probably f/22 on that lens, and the camera should control it electronically based on your aperture setting.

You can also use the Focus indication in the viewfinder to tell if your manual focus settings are correct (you'll see a steady green focus confirmation in the viewfinder when you achieve accurate manual focus while half pressing the shutter button).

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If you search on this forum and the dpreview forum, you will find examples of pictures taken with the D40 and 50mm 1.8 lens. I am still fairly new to DSLRs and have this combination. It is very good for low light situations and for subject isolation. It is not too difficult to get sharp images on static objects and posing individuals, but focusing can take time and is difficult for rapidly moving subjects. The small depth of field at close range with a large aperture means that the focus point is critical,and don't expect to get all of a subject or more than one person in focus with a large aperture.

Try manual focusing with the kit lens to see how you get on - manual focusing on the D40 is much easier than the various P&S cameras that I've used!
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[align=left]Thanks for your tips.One more question,the focus distance and aperture markings at the front end of the lens,how are they used.I am guessing that they have to be aligned somehow depending on aperture/minimum focus distance required,am I nearly right?
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I've never handled a D40 so forgive me here, but I reckon that the basic layout should be the same as my other two bodies when used in manual mode.

The focus ring on the lens barrel will set the focus of course, but you are then concerned about the correct aperture.

In the viewfinder (and here I am working from the above assumption that they are like my bodies) there is a display which is a line of horizontal bars. This at the bottom of the viewfinder. As you change the aperture with the thumbwheel then the line of bars will either show under, over or correctly exposed if there are no bars showing.

Right, you are in a low light situation and need f1.8 but the bars are showing negative - not enough light. Youslow downthe shutter speed to compensate and the bars come back to the middle. If the bars show overexposed then your only way is toincrease the shutter speed to compensate. I know this sounds complicated at first but it is like learning to ride a bike - it'll soon come naturally.

Just play around with the lens and have fun. For the price it is great value and will enable you to take great portraits with the background blurred out. We call this bokeh.

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