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Question about the Macro setting on my D40. I have the 18-55 and 55-200VR lenses.

I know Macro is for taking close up shots. Does the macro mode on a Dslr compare to a point and shoot camera macro mode? I know on my small Sony p&s something seems to change with the focusing when I turn the macro on. LIke it will only focus on something close or it changes its focus range.

With the D40 does the macro mode do anything other than chose spot focus? Can I zoom in and take a close up picture of something without really being close? If I'm 20 ft away from a bird in the water and I want to get a close shot of it, would it be ok to switch to macro and zoom to 200mm?

I know that my p&s does not like me zooming in while I'm in macro mode. It will only focus if zoomed all the way out.

To sum it up, I'm looking for info on how/when macro mode should be used.

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I looked up the macro mode on my D80 and it looks like all it does is shift the focus area to the center. It may also shift the exposure to favor higher apertures.

What it does on your P&S is also allow your lens to focus closer, like you said, changes the focal range. Since your 18-55 cannot be adjusted the same way on your D40 it cannot do that. The minimum focal length is set by your lens. Marco is used for things real close to the camera, birds will not let you get that close. Bugs are a good macro subject.

You will also need a macro lens. I have a 50MM Macro that will focus inches away from a subject, and a 105 that is a bit more bug friendly foot or so. I have never had a zoom that was really a macro lens. What you need for your birds is a nice long zoom.
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I understand that Macro is really intended for taking close up shots of something, but I was wondering if that thought should also contain something that may be far away but you have fully framed.

With enough zoom I can get close to birds on a feeder or in water so that the shot contains only the bird. Just wondering if it would useful to be in macro mode for that type of shot.
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Technically the subject is within arms reach for macro, however the scene mode may be useful at other times. Give it a try and report back here!
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