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Default D40 SB400 18-200mm VR

Well the unthinkable happened and now I can say with hindsight I wished I had taken an extended warranty out for my D40 but I had been extremely careful with all my photography equipment.

This time I had it resting on a netbook (also new). It somehow decided to slide right off and over the printer and down onto the wooden floor just as I knelt down to plug in my mobile phone.

The SB400 took the brunt of the hit and thus forced a bend into the hotshoe and cracked the top piece that covers the camera control viewfinder and inboard flash. I popped it out and it is a hairline crack with the left side of the hotshoe tweaked.

Remarkably after my being visibly upset, (verbally too). I decided to shoot with it anyway to see what damage was done. Cosmetically is all that I can see as far as damage. I am still not pleased with it so I e-mailed Nikon Service Center and will see what they will or can do.

Inboard flash fires fine. Due to the crack and it being a bit cockeyed from the bent hotshoe the SB600 I placed on it seemed not as stable. It fired fine. The SB400 fired fine too and also in my D200. The lens shows no ill effects either. I shot quite a bit with the D40 and will return to the "street fair" happening today just around the corner from where I live. My return will be with the D200 and the 18-200mm VR with the SB400.

I am sure the camera would do fine not doing anything else but my intent was to use this camera as my outdoor workhorse with flash. Thus, I will see what the Service Center will do in my case.

These shots are just resized, no PP of any kind nor cropping.
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I am sorry to hear that your camera got spilled on to the floor and suffered some damage. That is always a bummed, and I must be honest and admit that I have also suffered the same kind of accident. And yes, it was due to me moving along too fast and not taking the proper care of my equipment.

Sarah Joyce
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Ouch! Sorry to hear this Tom. Damn that guy Murphy and his stupid law.
Hopefully, it will be a quick fix and back into your hands soon. Let us know how it turns out.
Really nice candids BTW.
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Sarah and Steve,

Thanks for the reply. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that experiences something of this nature. I have read post after post about others and was always glad I had not experienced it. I assumed where I left the camera outside of a bag would be safe where it was. Well the unfortunate lesson in this case is that I will not do it again with any camera and that I am not too busy to put things where they belong and not get sidetracked into something else.

Hopefully, what I get in reply from Nikon will be something that is a matter of routine for them and that it can and will be fixed. In the meantime, I am lucky to have other cameras to work with.
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