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When things settle down for you financially I would opt for the 35 1.8 since it is an AF-S lens and it is closer to being a 50mm lens with the 1.5x crop factor.
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Originally Posted by jphess View Post
I try to follow the Dpreview forums a little, but I really get annoyed with the attitude that some of the people there. They all seem to feel that if you want to "do anything serious" you have to have at least a D90 and at least one lens in the $1000+ category. Otherwise, your photos are basically worthless. And their signature line "proves" that they know what they are talking about because their inventory of equipment list is longer than their comments. Then I come here and see images like the ones that were shared and it reminds me that the photographer and his/her abilities has just as much, if not more, impact on the quality of images.

I broke the 18-55 mm kit lens that came with my D40, the wind toppled the camera and tripod and ruined the lens. So I'm using my Sigma 18-200 for just about everything right now. Yes, the lens is a little heavy for the camera, but it does a good job (in my opinion). My main obstacle is me. After all these years of playing around with cameras and photography, I'm still not a very good photographer. But it sure is fun to keep trying.

I sometimes think I would like to upgrade. But then I look at the images I've taken and I really don't need anything else. The images are much better than anything I have been able to produce with any of my other cameras that I have had in the past. My daughter got married about a year ago. My D40 was brand new at the time, my son-in-law had a D70, my niece had a D80, and there were a couple of "professional" photographers (and I use that term very loosely) who were using Canon cameras. When comparing all of the photos, the only way I can identify which camera was used is to read the metadata.

So I guess until I'm ready to get serious about my photography I will be completely satisfied with my D40, my notoriously horrible (in the Dpreview circles) Sigma lens, and my "grossly underpowered" SB-400 flash.
There is really no need to upgrade from what you already have. No matter what else you get you will need to learn how to use it. Every model has its pluses and/or minuses. Stick with what you have and the lens you have is fine. You can achieve better shots with what you have as long as you continue to strive at learning what you have and trying out the techniques you have read about here.

Early on, I had the EAS problem (Equipment Acquisition Syndrome). It got to the point that I really did not know what I should use or bring for a shoot. It can be overwhelming and then trying PP with whatever program can be another story.

Keep it simple and look at filling the frame with a pleasing subject. I strive to fill the frame so cropping is kept to a minimum.
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When you can, get that 35mm f/1.8 jphess. VERY nice lens.


P.S. Need complain button for spammers like the tosser above.
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