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When comparing prices from my local camera store, I noticed that I can get either the Nikon D50 with Nikon AF-S DX 18-70mm lens and Sandisk 1GB SD Extreme III card for the same price has the Nikon D70s with Nikon AF-S DX 18-70mm lens.

I already own a Nikon N80, Nikon AF-S VR 24-120mm lens, Nikon SB-600 speedlight and a friend of mine gave me a Sandisk 512MB CF Extreme II card. At first I was going to go for the D70s but the more I research the Net the more I'm thinking of going for the D50. Looks like the out-of-camera JPEGs are better on the D50. This would be a plus for me and my wife since we are not interested in shooting RAW and using Photoshop or Nikon Capture to edit every single shot. My wife and I have work very long hours and don't have the time to devote to this. We simply want to shoot, print and enjoy pics of our two beautiful daughters (and family events) but don't want to be tied down by the limitations of a Point-n-Shoot digicam!

Suggestions / Opinions?

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Im new to the world of SLR cameras so i opted for the d50 and i have been blown away by the results im getting! Its fairly straight forward to use so ideal for me! If you don't intend on getting to bogged down with the nit and gritty of slr photography then get the D50, you wont miss any of the features that you pay extra for with the d70 :-)
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Most of what you are paying the extra $$$ for the D70 for is the lens. It is about $400 compared to the $150 or so for the one on the D50. So if you have a similar lens already then the D50 makes more sence. However as you use the camera more you may want the added features. You can't add the features later. You could just buy a body and use your lens and save some of the difference in price.I have had my D70s for about 2 months and am now getting results that I expected at the start. It took me some time to get to know the camera and how to use it properly. I had alot of large CF from my Olympus E-20 and that gave the nod to the D70 over the D50 based mor on that than anything. The kit lens on the D70 is excelent so you may even consider selling the one you have now. The kit lens on theD50 is not very inspiring and you will probibly let it sit in the bag and use yours anyway.

Good luck, I took weeks to decide.

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