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D50 at Ebay

Anyone have any first hand experience with this vender?

http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Nikon-D50-w-18-55mm-3YR-Wrty-2GB-SD_W0QQitemZ180076493035QQihZ008QQcategoryZ122616Q QcmdZViewItem

NEW Nikon D50 w/18-55mm + 3YR Wrty + 2GB SD $619.00


Nikon has the 2YR extended Warrantee for $139

The Ebay reviews look good, although it appears to good to be true.

Any thoughts??

Canon S2IS & Sony VCL-DH1758 Tele Lens
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Old Jan 19, 2007, 9:10 PM   #2
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I've never used them, but it looks legit to me. Let us know what happens if you decide to buy from them.

As a comparison, I bought my D50 package from Cameta last March
for $680. It came with the 18-55 lens, the 70-300G lens and a Nikon shoulder bag similar to the link you posted. At that time the D50 with 18-55 was around $650 at B&H, so I basically got the 70-300G lens for free (worth $150).

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Old Jan 20, 2007, 2:20 PM   #3
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Looks good to me. I have bought and sold many items on eBay including lenses and cameras and have never had a problem. This seller has many transactions with very few problems. I think it's a safe buy.
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Old Jan 20, 2007, 11:21 PM   #4
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Just a bit of warning. I had someone steal my ebay id and use it to list fake items using my feedback. They listed 65 items for sale with Buy Now. Anyone who paid for their item right away never got the item and may have had some trouble if they did not use a credit card with Paypal. I learned one thing; never pay for anything right away with Buy Now. Make sure to send a confirmation email using the ebay contact seller button. Never use an email listed in the listing. Don't use the telephone number for confirmation either.

They got my password when I clicked on a link within thier listing a few days earlier. The link came up with an exact duplicate of ebays user name and password dialog box. The info went to the thiefs website.
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I bought my D50 from them through e-bay and was very pleased with their service. As reference, I paid $510 + s/h for the D50 w/ 18-55mm lens kit at the end of October / beginning of November 2006. I do not know what the kits are going for now a day, but as I said I was very pleased with their service.

Just looked at their listings and it looks like they moved to buy-it-now option. Must have been losing money doing the auction style or people backing out too much. Who knows. BTW...they are located in Ohio.
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