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Hello All,

Firstly wishing you all a very happy new year. May this year get good health, promotions and great family life for all.

I have a Nikon D50 and on a friends advice I bought the following 2 lenses

1. Nikkor AF-S 18-70mm DX 1:3.5-4.5G ED

2. Nikkor AF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6G .

Iam a newbie with photography and i desperately want to do some good stuff with it. I have done some good stuff (please see this and give me your valuable comments)



Firstly i would like to know the following . in the lenses mention above what do the followingAF-S, DX , G and ED mean . Its basically i dont know how to read these lenses. also this is playing havoc as iam not able to understand what do i see in a lense before i buy it . I have seen many lenses like 50mm that costs somethign like 50pounds and also i see another 50mm lenses that costs about 300 pounds.

Also there is one thing that is troubling me . when i use the first lense ie the 18-70 i get a great depth of field. but when i use the other lense ie the 70-300 i get everything in the background out of focus. i have tried all arpeture settings with it . for example ifon the first lense i use it at 70mm and i take a shot (great depth of field got )andchange the lense to 70-300 and again take the same shot at70mmi get the same picture with the background totally out of focus. thisis freaking me out. Kindly answer my queries. Also if you have anysiteor materialthat gives more detailed information on lenses, arperture of lenses etc i would be very greatful and would consider to be a great new year gift.

Thanks a lot in advance to take the time and reading thislove story of a mail of mine. i know iama joker who has got a great camera and great lensesbut cant extract much from it .



[email protected]
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Hello Allan

I too am a newcomer to the D50 but I will try my best to answer your questions.

The 18-70 is a pretty good lens for the price. I eventually brought one of these for my D50.

I tried the 70-300 G lens myself not overly impressed but not a bad lens I purchased a Sigma 70-300 APO Macro lens which is a bit more versatile for around the same price.

Ref your depth of field problems To obtain a deep depth of field you must shoot well above the minimum aperture ideally above F11. Is you shoot around F4-F7 you will only get minimal depth with as you say backgrounds/foregrounds out of focus.

Are you sure you understand how aperture and depth of field works? You refer to the focal length of the lens rather than the aperture setting. To set the aperure you can use the command dial set to A and the selection wheel to set the aperure you want. This is shown in the top LCD and in the veiw finder. If you select say F5 the camera will set an appropriate shutter speed and take a photo then set the aperture to say F16 again the camera will set the speed (probably a lot slower so use a tripod if you have one) again shoot a picture. Look at the 2 pics to see the differnce the F setting makes.

As for the terms used in Nikon's naming convention I am not totally clear on these myself but will give it a shot

AF-S Auto Focus Silent. This is supposed to be better than the old AF lenses but as I understand it Nikon have 2 versions of this one is cheap and not brilliant and the "proper" version which is a lot better I believe the 18-70 has the better version.

ED is to do with the ability of the lens to manage chromatic aberration this is flaring and fringing problems with the glass elements of the lens.

All I know about the G lenses are that they are Nikons basic quality range and the extra letters are improvements to the basic specifications.

DX is I believe Nikons designation of lenses designed specifically for it's digital cameras and will not work on the 35mm film cameras.

If a 50mm lens costs around £50 it will be a basic relatively high minimum aperture lens like F2.8. A £300 lens will be a F1.4 very high quality lens with very high quality glass and build.

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I think Andy has it about right on the lens designations.

If you take a shot at 70mm on both lenses at the same aperture i.e F8 in both cases there should be no appreciable difference in the depth of field. There may be a difference in the resulting picture due to different quality lenses and/or different types of distortion due to one of the lenses being at it's longest setting and the other at it's widest.

the wider the lens or the wider the setting on the zoom the greater the depth of field at any given aperture. So if you take a shot at 18mm and another at 70mm both at the same aperture then there will be more depth of field in the 18mm shot.

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