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I recently got a D50 and struggeling with the AF area mode. How can I "save" a different setting than "closed subject" for the green "auto" mode? When setting it to e.g. "single area" this setting is only valid until I switch to a different program. When switching back to the green "auto" mode, the "AF area mode" is set back to "closed subject".

For the majority of the other programs the camera saves the value I enter in the menu.

I have two further questions
- Is there an option to bring the internal flash into "auto pop-up mode" for the "P" program setting, or do I have to enable the flash manually?

- The AF assist beam does only light up for the center AF area, not if a different AF area is selected (-> AF setting to "single Area" or"dynamic area").
Is there an option to tell the camera that it also should light up the AF assist lamp if other areas are selected than the center?

Many thx to all,

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Auto mode is automatic and it is not meant to be flexible.

if i want super simple point'n'shoot operation i use P mode,
flash wont pop up automatically but that is really a good thing.

I havent noticed before of the AF assist light not workig in any other than center area
but i can confirm that it works just as you said so maybe there is need for a firmware upgrade?
Strange thing is that when i connect the SB-600 its AF assist light works for all areas.
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Thx for the reply.. this at least gives me the certainty that my camera is not faulty..
and in fact, your advice is exactly what I thought is the best workaround for point'n'shoot... I guess that for the internal AF assist lamp only the center area is in reach... but good to hear that this "feature" is not implemented for external flashes... I have 2 TTL flashes from Soligor (42 DA & TIF 380 LCD, all Nikon dedicated), both refuse to work with my new D50 even in manual mode.. I figure I have to spend some money here as well... but I'd probably go for the Metz 44 AF-4iN...

I am wondering why there is no menu item in the flash config menu which makes it optional to pop up the flash automatically or manually... and I am also wondering why the Auto mode allows you to change the AF area setting, but does not make this value persistent... the default ("closest subject") is reloaded every time I re-chose Auto mode, and quite often leads to pictures which are wrongly focussed...
So I think have to wait for hack here :-)))

Many thanks!!!

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