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Default From D50: would it be time to upgrade to D90

Hello friends, I own this wonderful camera since 2005 and never had a problem with it. So I'm totally satisfied with my D50 but...The price of D90 has dramatically come down. Could have one for 675$CDN, body only, which is what I want. Since I cannot really compare the IQ of the two cameras but by analyzing D90 photos on Flickr and other sites, I can only see minor improvements (may also be my monitor calibration who knows). Question is: would I truly get more IQ with a D90? I shoot mostly outdoors and do macro. Not much portrait or action. Money is no object. Thanks a lot for your help.
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Hi Karmin,

My first dslr was the D50, and I took many great photos with it, but you already know how good it is. Briefly, I switched to a Sony for in-body IS.
I still shoot with the sony since 2008.
While I don't think the difference between the D50 and D90 IQ will be overwhelming, you will be getting an upgrade on sensor and processor, as well as double the pixels (good for cropping). With a five year old body, it is only a matter of time before it suffers a traumatic failure, probably the shutter. You certainly got the mileage out of it! Anyway, if the money is there and the price is right, I don't think you can go wrong.
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As Hawgwild has said, you're probably approaching the end of the expected life of you D50 anyway. You'd be better off if you have its replacement before it fails.

But in addition to the higher resolution image sensor, there are a number of other advantages the D90 has over the D50 that you may find useful. For instance, the D90 can use ISO settings up to 6400 while the D50 is limited to 1600. It also has a better AF system, 'Live View', Active D-Lighting, and can record video. In addition, the D50 is limited to continuous shooting rate of 2.5 fps, while the D90 can shoot at up to 4.5 (from Nikon's specs. More like 5.5 from my experience.)

And with the falling price, this might be a good time to jump in.

The replacement for the D90 is probably going to show up soon, but there's some doubt that it will have an internal AF motor, so it may only autofocus Nikon AF-S, Sigma HSM and Tamron BIM lenses. If you've got any lenses that won't autofocus on a D3000/D5000, they may not AF on the D90's replacement either.
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I owned the d50 and upgraded 1 year later to the D80. There was a jump in IQ and the extra control and speed were welcome additions. Also the ability to control off camera flashes was a huge plus. I'm sure a jump to the D90 would be an even better, as the D90 does everything the d80 did a lot better. At current prices it is a no brainer.
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