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Default D60 blurrier than D40

I just took the plunge with a D60 as my first entry-level DSLR. I was playing around this weekend with a friend's D40 and noticed that the pictures I was getting with the D40 seemed a bit sharper than the D60, which kind of confused me. I was testing between similar macro shots and random landscape pictures of my backyard on various auto settings. Even the pictures that had identical iso, aperture, and shutter settings seemed just a bit sharper with the D40. I wasn't using a tripod and was using the same VR kit lens for the tests.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? My only thought is that the D60 might be a little more sensitive to camera shake with more pixels per the same sensor size. Granted, I have a lot to learn about taking photos, but I somewhat expected the D60 to perform a bit better than the D40, even on full auto settings.
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The number of pixels has nothing to do with shake, if we're talking about blur from optical point of view.

If were talking about lack of general sharpness, then perhaps the D60 has been set low on the sharpness, or perhaps the image size or quality has been set low.

How do you know for sure that they're not sharper? Have you got the photos on your computer side by side?
Apart from camera settings, was everything else the same (sun/cloud, time of day, haze/clear, direction - towards/away from Sun, etc)

Perhaps the lens is not focusing properly, and it's not the camera......
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The D60 does not apply as much sharpening by default compared to the D40 or D40x models.

That gives you more flexibility in post processing so that you don't lose as much "real" detail in the image processing pipeline (since sharpening is mostly an illusion, usually created by increasing contrast at edge transitions, which and can destroy real detail if an image is sharpened too aggressively).

If you want them to look sharper "straight from the camera", simply increase the sharpening setting in the camera.

Another factor involved is that the smaller photosites for each pixel will place more demands on the lens quality needed for best results, with issues like diffraction entering into the equation. But, chances are, you're just seeing sharpening differences in the image processing pipeline, as I've seen reviewers comment on the changes that Nikon made in this area starting with the D60 as compared to the D40x (both 10MP models).
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