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Default D600 - In the bag...

Well, I phoned the local camera shop this afternoon and asked about the new D600.. Just wanted price and low down on when and where etc etc. I never expected to actually hear that the cameras were in the shop but they told me they got a couple in just this morning and they were very surprised to see them this quickly. Normally I would have to wait in line but I secured one of them, pick it up on Saturday.. I just leapt at the chance to own one,, because,, I have just enough spare dollars to buy it...

I currently own a D300 and cannot say enough about them. I love this camera and will keep ahold of it. Here's my one small problem...

The lenses I have for the D300 will fit but not do it for the D600, because of the sensor size. I'm sure you all know what I mean... My most used lens is the 18-200mm VR. I love this lens...

I know I'll have to get new lenses for the D600 but is there any recommended lens. I haven't been near a camera shop for the past 2 years and have no real idea of what's out there... I don't really want to pick up the D600 and leave the shop without a lens, although I might be forced to. Budget constrictions may ruin the day for me but hopefully I can twist the guys arms enough to give me a deal on a good lens with the camera...

I just went and bought 2 Point 'n' Shooters (Sony HX20V and Fujifilm F660) just over a week ago and then found out the D600 was about to emerge. It all happened too quickly for me to stop and think... Now it may hurt the pocket but I''l be a happy chappy...
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well apparantly the full frame sensors need really good glass as they will show up any flaws a lot more, so you may be in for some serious wallet bashing.
the good news is you can still use your old lenses but at a lower resoloution.
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Originally Posted by kazuya View Post
the good news is you can still use your old lenses but at a lower resoloution.
... a much lower resolution. When using a DX lens on the D600, it records only 10MP images with its 24MP sensor.

The Nikon 18-200 VR was a handy lens, but it wasn't a very good lens. An equivalent lens would be the Nikon 28-300 VR ($1050 at Adorama.)
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Only 10mp??!! Only joking. My old (and only camera) D50 only does 6mp. I think the OP will be able to get very good money for his DX lenses if he decides to sell them on. Why don't you keep the 18-200 on the D300 as a spare walk-about camera and stick some good glass on the D600?
- Jacques
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If money is tight, don't overlook primes. A 50 1.8 is cheap! And remember, and FX lens can be used on the D300. Unfortunately, you didn't go the two lens path as you might have gotten the 70-300, then needing only the short range.

In lieu of $1050 for the 28-300, may wannt to think about the new 24-80 VR plus the 70-300 VR
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Thanks guys, all taken in,,

Had a word to my brother, later lastnight, who is right up there with his photography and virtually all you guys have said above is what he said too. The only thing he couldn't understand is how I got one (D600) so quickly, on the very day they were released. Tell you the truth, I can't either. It's a great thing to be in the right place at the right time...

I know the 18-200mm is a handy lens and not really a great one but I loved it on my D300. It has it limits but for utility shooting I couldn't go past it...

I also realized I have a 70-300mm VR lens in my drawer and my brother reminded me it is an FX lens and WILL work on the D600,, so that's a small bonus. I might look at a 24-120mm, 28-300, and the 24-80. To be honest, it'll depend how I feel on the day (Saturday) when I pick it up,, and just how the heat of the moment gets to me...

Thanks so much. If you have more to add, feel free to do so...

I felt quite calm about having secured a D600 this time lastnight, but today while at work, I thought of nothing but this new camera... Strange that...!!!


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