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I have problem getting correct exposure while shooting in bright day light and the subject in in shadow (for example a person under a tree). the sky gets over exposed while everything else is correct. how do I avoid this problem?
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In my experience, I find that if I move the subject into a shady area, I do my best to make sure the background is also in the shade. The only way around your over exposed sky problem is to use fill flash. The flash brings your subject closer, exposure wise, to the bright sky. Try placing your subject in front of shrubs or anything to block out the bright sky. There are a hundred ways to answer your question...this is only a couple. Keep shootin', learnin'and askin' questions. Woody
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Use your flash a a fill it would be best to keep the cameras metering on matrix you can also set the flash torear curtainwhich works great but be aware of your shutter speeds and Aperture as it can vary depending on settingsyou shoot
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It's a double edge sword. If your subject is in shade and you back ground is bright you have to decide which one will have the correct exposure. I would hand meter or spot meter the bright back ground. With the camera in manual mode set the camera to the hand held meter settings and use a fill flash to balance the image. The nikon D70 and D70s wil want to expose the background properly and force your forground image to go dark.

If you are short on time you can multi meter thescene and over over expose by a stop and a half. Then you background will be slightly over exposed!!!

Good luck


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