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Kingsnut Apr 27, 2004 9:39 PM

Mine was not sealed and mine did not have a memory card in it.


alan sh Apr 29, 2004 1:05 PM

My Minolta A2 was sealed. The dealer unsealed it to check the contents and then gave it all to me in the box - all done while I watched.

el_heffa Apr 29, 2004 9:29 PM

Re: D70 Sealed Box?

Originally Posted by kmurray24
Hi, I bought a D70 from my local Ritz, but the package wasn't sealed. They assured me that it wasn't used and all boxes were like that. But, when I got home and charged up the battery there was pictures on it from the local mall. Does the new D70 come in a Sealed Box? If you could reply to my email as well that would be greatly appreciated as well!

Thanks for your time

I know this has been covered but to date I've bought 3 Digital SLRs... 2 Nikons (D100 and D2h) and 1 Canon (10D) and none of the boxes were sealed.

unclewillie Apr 30, 2004 11:17 AM

My D70 was sealed with green tape
I got mine a couple of weeks ago at the Ritz camera at Tyson's Corner in Virginia. They wouldn't even let me open the box to try it out in the store. They said that if I didn't buy it someone else would.


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