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thommas Jul 24, 2004 6:20 PM

is it possible to record video with D70?

is it possible to take panorama shots with D70?

Onyx Jul 25, 2004 2:36 AM

No. Mechanical limitation (ie. not technological).

Yes. 2 ways: with wide angle lens and crop top and bottom, or with 2 consecutive shots and stitched in software.

Greg Chappell Aug 2, 2004 9:27 PM

If you want video modes you're going to need to stay away from SLR's. Digicams can do it because they have no shutters and no reflex mirror in the light path reflecting the lens image up to the viewfinder. If you raise the mirror you lose one of the main advantages of an SLR...through the lens viewing. The reflex mirror is also why viewing and shooting via the LCD is impossible. Not only unavailable, it's inferior anyway to actually seeing through the lens. Movie modes are unavailable (and not missed) on any SLR.

duckware Aug 4, 2004 2:26 PM

Here is how to make panoramas with the Nikon D70:

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