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misina Dec 13, 2004 7:11 AM

Hi Guys

I'm using D70 with Sb800 flash, But I couldn't use them above 1/500 shutter speed.

Do I need a new firmware or new settings to my camera, in order to use SB800 in auto FP High Sync mode?

Onyx Dec 13, 2004 12:27 PM

The flash supports it, but the camera doesn't.

However, you can "trick" the D70 into letting you fire the speedlight at any shutter speed by block the two rear contact points on the hotshoe.

misina Dec 13, 2004 1:53 PM

Thank you very much Onyx, this trick works quite well.

But I'm really longing for the firmware that support high speed sync, in order to

use it in TTL mode :)

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