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I bought a D80 a little less than a month ago from CC (it was a difficult decision as I have been a Canon man for the last 30 years, but my friends told me that change is good). Upon receiving it I was fairly impressed with all the bells and whistles as well as (and more importantly) the feel and function of the camera.

Taking a few pictures with the included 18-135 lens I again was pleasantly suprised at the color rendition and crispness of the photos.

It sat for a week or two and then I took it to use at concert I was photographing. At one point the camera stopped focusing and then basically locked up. I noticed an error on the display so I turned it off, waited a sec or two and turned it back on and to my chagrin the lens started to hunt when I tried focusing.

After a few minutes I realized that something bad was wrong, switched to manual and finished the gig.

The next day I started playing with the camera and no matter what I did the lens just hunted and never focused on anything. Along with that it was making lots of clicking noises, certainly louder than the silent motor should be making.:angry:

I promptly called Nikon and after a moment of questions, the lady suggested that I take it back to the store and see if they would let me try their demo camera lens to determine if it was the lens or the camera, that was having the problem.

I did exactly as Nikon told me to do (I figured they were the experts in this case) and sure enough the store allowed me to try it and there was an obvious difference in sound and the lens focused immediately. Even the young man helping me made a funny face at the noise when I tried my lens. He said something is wrong (I again figured he must be right as he had a red shirt on).

So I went to the service counter and asked if they would be willing to swap me out a new one since it wasn't even 30 days yet. The first girl said no but I cajoled a little and asked it there was a power of greater magnitude than hers (although I told her that her power was very great)

She pointed to another lady and told me that she was the manager but she would say no too! Well the lady came over, looked at my poor sad face, punched a few buttons, smiled and told the other girl to make the exchange.

To make a very long story short (well maybe not short enough) I walked out with a nice sparkley new lens, a big smile, and a very content feeling in my soul. I knew buying the camera there originally was a good idea.

So the moral of this tedious story is to make sure that you purchase from a reputable store (with a nice powerful lady inside) and know that even the best of cameras may burp and croak within 30 days of very little use. :?

For those of you who wonder, the D80 is a great camera at a great price (well maybe a good price). The 18-135 lens takes sharp, crisp, colorful pictures that when taken at the proper exposure, have a bit of snap to them.
Thanks for the time (I guess I need to get back to work).:bye:

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Thanks for the info on the D80. Glad to see everything worked out ok.
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Thanks for the info on the D80. Glad to see everything worked out ok.
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