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HI everyone,

I use D80 with 18-55MM VR, 24-120mm F3.5, 50MM 1.8. I want the next lene. How do you help me?

I want more quality of picture, should i go on F2.8 lenes' groups? Or 60mm micro, 105mm micro?

Thanks in advance.

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It really depends on what type of photo's you take. How are your current lenses limiting you?? What do you want to do but can't.
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Looking at what you have already the only holes I see for what pictures I take with mine is something longer than the 120 and a macro lens. If cash is a factor I would get one of the 70-300G s. They are cheap and take good pictures. I have both a 50mm and 105mm macro. If I could only have one I would buy the 105. You also don't need the VR version, for marco work it does not make a difference. With the 50 1.8 you have I don't think I would by the 60mm macro too. But I do take product pictures with it sometimes.

I have two 2.8 or faster lenses the 2.8 105 and a 1.4 50, both don't really get used wide open very often so I don't think I would look for2.8s more than the focal lengths I needed or wanted.

So once you figure out what your not getting now with what you have, you can decide where to go next. If you can spring for a 105 macro that would open up a whole new would of photography your current kit does not have.
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I agree with rjseeney. It totally depends on what type of pictures you like to take. I am assuming by the lenses you quote,, you are looking at a more budget orientated approach to your choice -probably like most of 'us'.

If you are after an all-rounder lens, the 18-200mm VR is without a doubt one of your best bets. It's not that cheap and not that expensive and gives a reasonably good range and good results. If I had to give up all mylenses and keep just one, I would probably go for this lens, not because it is the best but because I use it the most.

For my more long range shots I have a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8APO DG HSM with a 1.4 tele. It may not be quite as refined as the Nikkor 70-200 VR but I bought mine for half the cost, new too. That makes it quite the choice in my books. I also have a Nikkor 70-300mm VR and although it is ok, the Sigmagives far better long range shots. 'VR' is not everything,, just 95 % of it - just kidding...

My micro lens is a 60mm one. I would like to get a 105 or even a 150mm micro but I don't take that many up close shots, so maybe one day...!!! The 60mm still takes a cracking good shot but the others allow you to get the same shot without having to get right up close, often scaring the subject away, if it is an insect or bug.

Is your 24-120mm a VR model?? If so, how does it perform?? Mine is ok but is a little fussy over settings on the D80 and marginally better on the D300. It tends to give slightly soft images and has the odd "blurry around the edges" shot at some focal lengths. Other than that, I like it...
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