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HarjTT Apr 14, 2017 10:00 AM

D800 and 85mm f.18 G - street snaps
Another gem of a lens.. so far very pleased with the IQ of it although in one particular pic, the purple fringing was seriously bad even when stopped down. Never seem any CA/purple fringing like that with the zukios even wide open. Not sure what caused that but it took me by surprise when I finally looked at the pics on the computer.

Not as easy to use for street snaps as the 50mm but AF seems to be just good and pretty accurate.

A few quick set of touristy snaps with the 85mm 1.8. No crops.

1. HMS Belfast

2. A bit of rock n roll

3. The shard

4. The moblee building.. a bit of an eye sore. Taken from the southside of the Thames. The detail from D800 is just its insane .. from where I was standing you could not see any of the people at the top of the building.

5. A song

Haven't compared the 85 or the 50 with the 35-100F2 but I think I'm going. So far both have impressed with IQ, weight and value for the $$.

MarceloLI Apr 14, 2017 10:25 PM

Very nice shots Hartj,

Very surprised to see London under a clear sky..!!!

The Nikon 50mm 1.8G is a great lens, very inexpensive, sharp and delivers a smooth and beautiful bokeh but the purple fringing is one of the problems with it, it is normal for this lens.

I remove the purple fringing very easy with photoshop in adobe camera, take seconds to rectify this problem.

Cary Jordan did a test about the best 50mm in the market before Sigma released the amazing 50mm f1.4 Art series and the Nikon 50mm 1.8 G was the best lens of the bunch.

You are right about the Zuikos lenses, I had never seen also purple fringing with any of my lenses.

Enjoy your gear Harj and looking forward to see your pictures.


Lordje Apr 15, 2017 1:41 PM

Looks like the 85mm delivers nice pictures.
Well done Hartj!

I always thought that 85mm was more for portrait photography.
A mistake it seems.

I'm looking forwards for your further testing.

MarceloLI Apr 15, 2017 3:33 PM


I'm sorry but for some reason I thought you are talking about the 50mm 1.8, I think is time to but some lecture lenses for me, sorry about that.

I have no experience with the 85mm 1.8 but I have the Canon 85mm 1.8 and it is really a disappointment of lens, slow AF, soft, and it has a invasive CA/purple fringing that it is too much.

Thank you Pascal for pointing the 85mm.

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