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Default A D800 ... some thoughts..

After so many years of sticking with my Oly (e1 and E3) I picked up a D800 and a couple of prime lenses (50mm and 85 1.8Gs). Have yet to take it out and use it .. im still trying to get my head around all of the menus and settings.

I realise its an old camera now but its all new to me and I thought I's share my first thoughts on it so far:

1. Ergonomics.. I liked the Nikon ergonomics more than Canon's, I'm not sure why but the D800 left comfortable in the hand evertime I picked one up. However, I don't think its as good in the hand as the E3 or E1.

2. Shutter .. loud and even in quiet mode.. its loud. Wish the quiet mode was more silent as that would have been a fab option to have.

3. Viewfinder... very very nice.

4. Its a lump - then again my E3 is a lump and their nearly the same size and the E3 is marginally lighter.

5. 50mm and 85mm G's - glad Nikon has made both of these as good and in the 85's case very good lenses and kept the price low. I like the weight and the fact that both are weathersealed although they obviously dont have the build quality of the higher end glass.

6. Sensor shake ... so glad Nikon implemented sensor shake its something that I really got used to with the Olys.

7. Build quality - excellent which is why its a lump.

8. File sizes .. think I'm going to need to buy more storage.

9. FX - think i'll be sticking to 5 x 4 for the image size. Don't like the 3 x 2 format esp in the vertical



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Hi Hart,

Congrats on getting the D800. I hope you enjoy it.

Looking forward to seeing a few of your images taken with your new toy


So you want to be a better photographer? Open your eyes and take a look at what is all around you.
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Hey Zig

I haven't really done much photography for the last couple of years .. work and studies have made sure of that. I've taken a few sports events with the E-3 but thats about it. Hoping to change that now.

So far I'm just playing around with the settings.. hoping to go out tomorrow and take a few snaps. Ive never used just primes before so not sure how I'm going to do and if I've bought the right FLs. Looking at Ben's fashion pics, I think I have - won't be going back into studio until I#ve got used to the cam. For the street stuff .. I'm still itching for a fuji or a GX but that'll be for another day.

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Congratulations Harj.

Looking forward for your pics..!
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