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GSFinlay Apr 6, 2009 5:28 PM

With a D80, you selected D-Lighting from the touchup menu after shooting if you wanted to correct for weak detail in the shadows. The D90 offers this as a an active shooting mode, or as a touchup option.

For those who have used this:

Is it best to use active D-Lighting in automatic, or a constant low, moderate, or high setting?

Is it better to leave the active feature off and, if needed, add this after the fact in touchup?

Thanks for sharing,


rjseeney Apr 6, 2009 6:22 PM

There is no easy answer. Some of the decision should be based on the given situation. Are shadows prominent in the scene, is there backlighting, what is the intended effect you are trying to convey, are all questions that need to be answered. A lot of folks seem to want a one size fits all answer in photography, and that is just impossible, as every scene is different, and D-lighting is no different.

I have D-lighting set to off most of the time on my D300, unless there are a lot shadow areas in the scene. I tend to try to uncover detail in post work, as I like to have control over the process. I think you could safely leave it on low without any adverse effects, especially if you don't plan on doing a bunch of post work. I don't use high settings on any function, as they are way to overdone for my taste.

GSFinlay Apr 6, 2009 9:31 PM

This makes sense. I thought auto would be a good compromise between active-low or off. But, leaving it off for most outdoor situations, then adding in a moderate amount for backlit scenes may be my answer. If I have no time to set this, I can always add some from the Retouch menu afterwards. And post-processing will always be available and perhaps more precise.


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