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Im considering of buying a2ndbody. I'm using a D80 now and I am very happy with it specially in ISO 1600. My only complaint is the slow frame rate.

Here are my options....

A usedD200 (very mint w/ only 8k clicks) or a bnew D90.

Used D200 price- $750

Bnew D90 - $950

My considerations in choosing are the following:

Higher frame rate than my D80

Better IQ in ISO 800 - above

Reasonable price

I plan to shoot more sports.

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Old Nov 21, 2008, 6:23 PM   #2
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You can get the D200 brand new (body only) at Amazon.com for $799. Warranty+Unused condition would be worth the $50 to me.
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The D200 will have much worse ISO performance. It really was not a good performing high ISO camera - a big reason why many sports shooters stuck with the d80 over it. So you're giving up high ISO to get frame rate. IMO, not a good trade.
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The D200 does not do very well at high iso's. By all accounts, the D90 is excellent at high iso's, and has a faster frame rate than your D80. The only real advantage the D200 has besides a slightly higher frame rate is a more robust body, and more customizable controls. I'd choose the D90, especially over a used D200, which is likely several years old.

In general, I don't think used DSLR's are good buys.

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Old Nov 22, 2008, 3:26 PM   #5
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The D90 is the camera of choice here for your wanting to shoot more sports. Better low iso performance and the FPS almost on par with the D200 and better than the D80 makes it an easy choice.

Read up on the sports forum on this site and see if you are willing to invest in the fast glass necessary to get good quality sports shots.

JohnG the moderator on that forum could steer you in the right direction.

I myself have lost the interest of sports shooting due to the huge investment necessary for fast glass. The keeper to bin (trash) ratio was too high for me to continue with that type of shooting.
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