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And I completely agree with you John...as I mentioned in my first reply, the D90 with better lenses is probably a better option than a D300 with lesser glass. I really don't notice much difference between images taken with my D300 and D80. I do notice the D300 lets me get some shots (mostly shooting sports) that would be much tougher to get with the D80.
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but the 70-200 f2.8VR lens is like $1800!!! i know those 2.8 zooms (14-24, 24-70, 70-200) are the best but the price for me right now is mind boggling...maybe if it was my profession and not as a hobby, then yes. but i'm too new in photography and would just like to start with entry level stuff. So far i'm happy with D90 and kit lens and would add hopefully soon an external flash like SB-600, and a tripod, and maybe a cheap prime like 50 1.8 or 35 1.8 and the list goes on...ha ha... and then eventually those nice fix apperture zooms mentioned above!!
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No doubt. Now, there are Tamron and Sigma 70-200 2.8 lenses which are a bit less expensive. But the important thing is to go into this with your eyes wide open. A dslr isn't a magic box. A 50mm 1.8 can be a solution for the dance - if you're 15 feet or less from the stage. As long as you're OK with the normal family shots and realize the other two areas (weddings / dance) won't see a great improvement until you can get the flash and an additional lens for the dance stuff. If you can't afford a 2.8 zoom like the Tamron then you have to get close enough to use a prime like the 50 or 85 1.8.
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With modern DSLR, newer and cheaper mean better! Technologies change fast in DSLR industry. Why Nikon use newer technologies in D90 than those in D300 is understandable. My question, is D5000 better than D90? I am looking for better Nikon DSLR for macro photography. With my D200 it's pain on my neck when I have to lay down for low level objects with camera without flipping LCD screen. All new DSLR will have movie and flip LCD and cost less. I am waiting for Nikon DSLR that is better and cheaper than D5000. Never mind Nikon will name it D5500 or D400 and call it pro or entry level camera.
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