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Default D90 LCD Brightness

I have my LCD brigtness set at -3, the lowest lighting display available, however, it's stiill very bright when we (the audience) sit in the dark. Does anyone make tinted covers to replace the one that came with the D90? Other suggestions?
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What sort of audience environment are you shooting in? Do you need the screen on at all?

I've not seen any covers that do this and generally it is not something that would be desirable so keep adding and removing a cover/protector/filter would be a potential problem.

You could look at a security filter that will reduce the angle at which it emits light which might help depending on the answers to the above questions.
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Why not turn the LCD off in menu settings? Do you need to have it on at all?
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My audience are hula dancers on stage. The only available light comes from stage lighting while the audience sits in the dark of a auditorium. I set the camera in Program mode, but I'd like to see my shots and make adjustments if necessary to capture (freeze) their turning movements, particularly in the beginning of the show. I know the LCD light bothers the next person sitting next to me--my wife.
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If you must - after each shot, immediately press the shutter half way down so the picture you just shot will disappear and the lcd will go black. Then take your left hand and cup over the lcd to peek after hitting the play button to further scrutinize your shot. Don't know if that is fast enough for you, but I've shot some theater that way and was constantly worried about bothering others. First of all I tried to move to a place to be less conspicuous.
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