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Default D90 Macro Lens - recommendations

Hi Folks,

I;ve been playing around with my D90 for almost a year. I'm still total beginner, but I absolutely love this DSLR. It's not the tiniest camera, but I take it with me every where and I absolutely love the pics quality!!! anyways.. i'm just rambling on.

Now I need to find macro lens. I'm into saltwater aquarium hobby and I want to take close up picture of corals (from outside of the tank). Many guys/girls in the hobby take beautiful pics, but I can't seem to focus on anything in the tank close up.

So what are you recommendations for a macro lens. I don't have a huge budget, so I want to know what is the best bang for the buck. If it turns out I can't afford it I will save up for it. So like I said I want to take close ups of corals in aquarium and I do a lot of hiking so I take close ups of bugs/flowers/etc...

Hope you can help me.
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some picture will be crops mate , i use a d90 and a tamron 90mm macro and still do the odd cropping to get a good result if you need to save extra for a lense purchase a raynox 250 to put you on
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There are lots of macro lenses, and they're all good. Nikon and Sigma make stabilized macro, but since you're more likely to see motion blur due to subject movement than motion blur due to camera shake, that's probably not important.

What is most important is focal length. Being able to frame your subject the way you want should be the determining factor. Have you tried to frame shots with the lenses you've got? Recognizing that you may not be able to focus closely enough, that would still give you an idea of what focal length would serve you best.

BTW, close-up lenses that attach to the filter mounting rings, magnify the flaws in the lenses you use them with, so if you go that route, you should use them on a lens that is a very good performer to start with. In addition, the Raynox and Canon close-up lenses that attach to the filter mounting rings are quite heavy, heavier in fact, than the filters the threads are intended to support. Their occasional use is probably ok, but you should probably leave them attached for long periods.

Since you probably won't be able to do 1:1 macro (where a 1 inch wide subject fills the image), and 1:2 macro (where a 2 inch wide subject fills the image), may be unlikely, you may be happy with a "Macro" lens instead of a macro lens. There are lots of lenses that can focus close enough for your purposes that aren't actually macro lenses, and they can zoom, which make their use a lot more convenient. You might consider something like the Nikon 24-85/2.8-4 or the Sigma 17-70/2.8-4.5.
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First, use manual focus when taking pictures "inside" an aquarium as the autofocus may be keying on the glass.

The Tamron 90 f2.8 is a good choice. Of course, the Nikon 105 f2.8 is probably the standard setter - but pricey. The Nikon 85 is relatively new, but unfortunately, it is f3.5 where the others are a little faster glass. Another possibility - and lowest cost - is the Tokina 100 f2.8.

It is good to stay in that range, as it allows more distance between you and the subject compared to the 60mm lens.
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