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Well, the D200's higher ISO noise is really high, especially at shadow area. The Pentax DS2 has blue color cast and the objects are out-of-focus! The noise of DS2 are under well control, though. Again, I think when come to noise and WB, again, these are where Canon rules..

Nonetheless, when many people are talking about how terrible the noise of 4-3 system, from the shootout pics, it seems that it is really not that bad.

Indeed, such noise comparison sometimes will not be so meaningful as the camera image processor can do noise reduction. Thus, resolution shall be measured all together to see if noise reduction will make them "soft" IMHO. The above shootout is quite interesting to see how different DSLRs perform by default, anyway.

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I think someone is wrong. I have the D200 and 18/200 "VR"lens and I have been doing photographs in My Church at ISO 800 with no noticeable noise at all in 8 X 10 prints I do on my 1280 epson printer. I really never had a noise problem with my D100 with 24/120 "VR" lens either. Inside the church I always have to use ISO 400 or 800 with a flash to get proper printable exposures. Noise can't be to big of a problem because I always get paid well for my photographs.
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Did they compare cameras noise performance with "kit" lenses?
I would have preferred test where cameras are equipped with comparable lenses,
for example 50mm prime lenses that every camera manufacturer surely has available.

How on earth have they managed to get so fuzzy images with Nikon D50 and Canon 350D?
I know that the kit lenses are not optically great, but there shouldn't be that major differences.
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"I think when come to noise and WB, again, these are where Canon rules.."

First, really appreciate what you did in your webpage about the performance of the Pentax camera.

Back to business. My friend is now using a Canon 10D and me a D200. I had the chance to see hisshots of birdstaken atas high an iso as 800 andstrongly felt that the noise control by Canonwas much better than myNikon's.I imagine that the difference is the result of the sensor both cameras have used:CMOS for10D and CCD for D200.
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