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Had a moment of terror a few weeks ago...My D80 was sitting on astool, storage kind with a flip top, when my 3 year old flipped open the top, dumping the d80 onto the (carpeted) floor. I turned it on, messed around with it, took some pictures and thankfully appears to functioning perfectly. However, in the weeks that follow, it seems to have some weird sounds. Firstly, it sounds like something is rattling around inside the camera. If I rotate it in my hand, I can hear somehting moving. Also, after the camera is moved in any way, there is a sustained rattling sound, like something on a spring bouncing back and forth.

Any ideas? As I said,it seems to befunctioning fine but the noises make me crazy. My wife doesn't even notice the sounds and claims that the camera probably made the sounds before the drop, I'm not so sure. Are there any special tests I need to do to REALLY make sure its working properly?

I'm also concerned that some day I will replace this camera (can't wait to have live view, larger screen, sensor cleaning, face recognition, etc.) and when I put this on Ebay to sell it, I will have to disclose these weird noises, even though it's working fine which will of course diminish its value.

Would love any input. Thanks.
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Some camera models have an orientation sensor you can hear when rotating the camera. That's probably what you hear rattling.

I'd check another D80 in a store and see if it behaves the same as yours.
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Mien has made a faint clicky sound when rotating from day one. I think it's a spring associated with the mirror.
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Do you think it might pay to get it checked out now rather than later? I take it this camera, being relatively new, would/might have some sort of factory warranty on it. Take it to a service centre and tell them it has had this rattle since day one,, only it sounds to be getting louder. Might be nothing,, might also cost you nothing to get it fixed now rather than expensively later... Or,, at the very least, if you let them know there could be something wrong now and they say it's ok,, if something does go BANG in months to come, they might have to fix it for you.
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Ouch! I feel your pain! It's possible your camera always had thosenoises which are probably normal, but you noticed it only after dropping it. If I were you I'd have it checked out by Nikon for the peace of mind.
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I have had this camera over a year (got ita month or so afterD80 went on sale), which I believe puts it out of warranty, right?

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I am hoping that JimC's comment is correct and that this is normal.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Again, any tests that anyone can think of? I guess I will have to see if I can find factory service in the area to check it out, just to be safe.
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I just bought a D80 this week and I went to check and see if mine made any noises. When I tilt it from side to side it makes the faintest (as in I would never have noticed it until I saw this post) sound as you described--like a tiny spring is shifting back and forth inside the camera. I'm sure it's perfectly normal!
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