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Hello all
Im just starting out with photography and cant wait to get started but theres just one little thing stopping me from getting started, I need a camera.
Ive heard lots about Nikon and Canon and that its good to get a camera that can have alot of lenses added to it as you get better.
I was just wondering if you guys can give me your views on the best DSLR for beginners please.
I want to photograph wildlife especially birds of prey and I want to take lots of landscape photos so I need one thats best for these.My budget is about £400.
Thanks very much in advance
Kind regards
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I had four other cameras before I purchased my Nikon D40. It was my first digital SLR, and I'm enjoying every minute with it. It "only" has 6 MP, but the images are superb and are suitable for enlargements. It has a nice menu system, and in my opinion would be a very good place to start. Some say that they outgrew the D40 very quickly. I have been a hobbyist photographer for 50 years, and I am very satisfied with the capabilities of the D40.
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I too have been into photography a long time. My jump to digital was really tough for me. I bought a used D50 because that's the best I could afford. I was a little worried at the time and wanted something more advanced. But I found it to be a good camera. I want to get something new. (for one thing I like having two cameras. ) and have been thinking about a D60 or maybe even a D40. Or whatever Nikon comes out with nest if it has live view with an articulate screen.

Some people will say some bad things about the D40 and D60

Low mega-pixels: What a crock.. Ask yourself … How many times will you ever make a print larger than an 8X10? If the answer is "never" then don't worry about mega-pixels.

Slow auto-focus: The D40 only has 3 focus sensors. I don't recall what the D60 has. This means it is a little slower when it comes to fast moving subjects. If you are into sports photography this could be an issue. Other wise I cant imagine a problem with it.

Lens availability: The D40 and D60 do not have a focus motor in them and thus require AF-S type lenses. This would be a problem if you already had a bunch of older AF lenses or planned to buy used. But Nikon is slowly converting their lens line to the AF-S type and the independent lens makers do make some. For a beginner this should not be a huge problem.

No top LCD: unlike other cameras the D40 and D60 use their main LCD to display shooting info instead of a smaller B&W LCD on top of the camera which is on all the time. I too thought this was a bad thing, but I have changed my mind. I have found that with my D50 I can not see some the info on the top LCD without a magnifying glass anyway. And when the camera is on a tripod pointed downward I have to Crain my neck just to get a look at it. I think the D40/D60 method is better.

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