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Hello everyone! I recently discovered that I have a spot of dust on my sensor. After several lens cleanings I know that it is inside but I'm not sure what I should do to clean it. Any recommendations? I'm really scared to take off my lens and have a look. :shock:
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Try a blower (rubber bulb type) first. More methods:


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I use a Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly 724 sensor cleaning brush. Dead easy and safe so just follow instructione.....check Visible Dust website for more info
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Old Nov 18, 2008, 2:07 PM   #4
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I'm new to the whole DSLR scene and I bought a used d80 a week ago.
I believe I did something dumb with my camera.. I took the lense off to see inside. I put it under the light and saw a smear on the bottom right side of the glass thingy.
I took the lint free cloth that I use for my Sammy HDTV and tried to rub off the smear..I didn't push super hard but firm..and the smear wouldn't come off..
Anyway I tried researching and I found out touching that glass/mirror thingy isn't something I should've done....
Is my camera pretty much done? I heard these things are expensive to fix...as in I might as well get a new one.
I'm not sure if I've actually damaged anything..but yeah it's the first thing u can touch inside the body of the camera...it's probably the mirror...or focus lense?
Hope someone can give me the nasty and tell me how bad i messed up the camera or if I might be ok..

I hope no one flames me..
ahhh....hurray for newbies like me

I hope I posted in the right thread any tips,suggestions or guide would be appreciated
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I don't believe we need to be so intimidated about cleaning the sensor. We took a D70 to a camera store to have the sensor cleaned. The salesperson showed us a sensor cleaning kit that was comprised of a little "stick" with a sticky surfaced thing attached to the end of it. She locked up the mirror and touched that to the surface of the sensor several times until she had touched the entire surface of the sensor. It took her all of about two minutes to do the job, and all the dust was gone
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Onslaught, There's a mirror which directs the light into the viewfinder and flips out of the way when you take a shot. Unless you went into the menus and did a mirror lock up it's this mirror you attempted to clean. Probably not a good idea to put any pressure on this as you could damage the mechanism but try taking a shot if it works your camera is fine and you've done no damage.

The mirror lock up function is to get at the sensor for cleaning. These are pretty tough really but you need the right tools to clean it and using a cloth will probably cause more problems than it cures, first thing to try with sensor cleaning is a good blower. If that fails to remove the dust look into a cleaning kit.


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