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I doubt the Japanese versions are any different from cameras released for different countries. From what I understand they are all made at the same factories, which would mean same specs. The whole "gray market" issue of cameras being intended for sale only in specific countries are to protect profit margins of the distributors in those countries, as the costs of doing business in various countries can vary significantly. Having different specs for different countries would needlessly complicate and slow down production.

I doubt the original posters problems come from a poorly calibrated unit. The D300 is a pro level camera and images from higher end cameras require post processing...the intention is to give the photographer more control over the final results. Consumer level cameras typically produce punchier images straight from camera. Curmudgeons right about the glass.....however, the 18-200 is very good glass...not pro quality, but not a dog either.
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It's not the cameras... It's all in the lighting (the key to all photography)!

ReneB3was correct initially then the discussion got off track - I just did a quick check of your EXIF and all your posted images have a different exposure!!!

-> The images that have the most sidelit sun (judging from the shadows on the window frames) have the most saturationhence the mostcontrast and tend to 'pop' out more - I guess it's kind of variable clouds when you took the picture seriesso you just happen to take the 'right' picture at the 'right' moment on the Pentax again telling by the shadow marks on the window frame which are different from all others Nikon's shots... and also the longer shadow of the tree in the circle as well (remember the sunlight changes color as it past over) toward the mailbox
... vs. no tree shadow in the last 3 shots in the circle toward the mailbox:idea:

My D300 with just about the 'right' lighting fill:

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Hi Jelpee,

Thanks for your nice reply. I want to tell you that when I first moved to a DSLR (the D200) it took the better part of a year to get the photos I wanted from the camera and post processing. I still feel that I am on a steep learning curve with the D300 and already looking at the D700. I shoot all RAW file format as I prefer to do all processing of images and not the camera.

Good luck with your photography.

I will attach a photo or so from the D300 *S*.. just because well I like some of them.


P.S. when are you going to show some Pentax photos?

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Hello to all of you!

Yes...I strongly believed that a camera/lens marketed for the Japanese market are better...or most important for me..."Calibrated 100%".

Here another example of my recently acquired Nikon set after some PP with my PSP-9.01 + FrameFun software.

Handhold VR active 200 ISO 200mm focal length, "P", & D-lighting active at "Normal".



Alex 007:|
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