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OK, I'm an old 35mm amatuer photographer. This question may or may not belong in this group - but I now have my first dslr - a Nikon D80 and like it a lot. We are going on a trip to the Carribean soon and in the past I had found polarizing filters useful for reducing glare (esp water shots), and deepening the colors a bit (sky shots). I hope to take a lot of sunset pix, etc.

Someone has recently told me about using a type of automatic white balance filter which you can hold over the lens of the dlsr, have the camera make its WB adjustment and then take if off and shoot.

So my question is, for doing this type of shot, what would be the most useful kind of filter to purchase? Right now, cannot aford both as the white balance one, is a little on the expensive side.

Also - is it considered bad practice to use a polaizing filter to deepen blues, etc. of sky shots? Perhaps some purists may dissent on that topic.

thanks much,

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The WB filter you are referring to is called Expodisc. You should be fine with auto WB, but I would recommend a Hoya Pro1 Digital CP filter for the cruise. The best prices I have found are from besteastern on eBay, but if in a hurry, 2filters.com is competitive.

I would also have either a Hoya clear protective filter or UV filter on my lens when not using the CP, to protect the lens. I like the Pro1 Digital line, the filters are thin, but still have front threads to accept the lens cap.
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