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Default First-timer!

Hi Guys!
I just joined this site today. I received a Nikon D3000 for a birthday gift. I mainly want to take action shots at my son's football games.

I know this camera offers a "sports" setting...but can anyone with any knowledge in this area, offer any advice as far as what settings the camera should be at when taking these photos?

Most of his games are played at night under stadium lights with a few games played during the day.

Any help/advice is appreciated!
Nikon D3000
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Some might say you need this, that, or another thing which will cost a lot of money. Before you get discouraged by not having pro sports gear, give it a try with what you’ve got.

If you shoot by the scene modes and are within 15 -20 feet of your son, go Auto (green). The flash will go off automatically. If you are further away than that, it will be harder to get good action shots. Get as close as you can to your son. Use the Sports mode and fire away. Look to see what works and what doesn’t.

Try to get him as close as possible and in the best light as possible (the sidelines). If there are times when the action is stopped, shoot then. Otherwise the slow shutter speeds that the camera gives you in these modes will cause blur. You may surprise yourself and get some really dreamy shots of your son with everything around him in a colorful swirl.

If you want to experiment, put the camera in P (program mode), find the ISO setting in the menu and set that to 1600. This should get you a better chance at getting action shots.

As you learn by doing, you will find a bunch of things that will help on your own. Listing them all here will confuse and discourage.

“Fire away and have fun”. Enjoy the game. Look forward to the next game and some new tricks to try out.

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Garry's post is encouraging, but you might not like the photo results-

Sports shooting is demanding in terms of equipment and photo skills. We do have a resident sports shooter as one of our Moderators. His name is JohnG. John shoots sports professionally, so he will probably be happy to give you some assistance.

Have a great day.

Sarah Joyce
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