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Okay, I know this has been covered, but I pride myself in maintaining some confusion anyway.

My wife bought me the SB600 for Xmas....it's under the tree/Bush/Festivas pole. Now I'm wondering if the SB800 would be the better flash to start off with. Initially I prefered the SB600 because it's smaller and lighter. The advantage in power is not a big deal to me for the 800, nor is the head pointing down, since I'd go wireless for macro. But someone said that in wireless mode the SB800 was more capable, using the D70's built in flash as well, but not on the 600. Is this true? The multi flash feature is not key at this time. I'd probably have the flash on top 90% of the time, wireless at other times. As a SINGLE unit, does the SB800 offer advantages over the 600 in this regard? Do they operate differently?

Thanks...and sorry to cover this ground again...

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I dont know if this will help you. I only read up the difference between the 600 and 800. I have always been the type that will get the top of the line if it is within reason financial based on feature difference. I can only believe if you have had some experience with the 600 and then the 800, you will ask yourself. "What am I doing"? The 800 flash is amazing. Like I posted in another thread, the SB-800 and D-70 was a Marriage made in Heaven. I have never seen a camera and flash that can be so compatible working togetherwithout even a wire hookup. I cant determine peoples budgets, but for the about $100 difference, it is uncanny the difference in technology between the 2.
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If you're not doing photography professionally, the SB600 should do just fine. But even professionally, the SB800 may not be the best suited for large group shots, for that I got a Metz 70MZ-5. I use the SB800 for the rest of the 95% of the work I do.
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I have a D70 and got an SB-800.

My understanding is that the SB-800 will transmit and receive the wireless info, but that the SB-600 will only receive wireless info.

For me, my plan is to use the on-board flash as the master and the SB-800 as the slave (even though it is much stronger), thus the SB-800 will only be receiving flash info. The SB-600 would do that too.

On the flash you need to make sure you're using Channel 3 and Group A.

Thom Hogan's e-book seems to indicate that BOTH flashes can be triggered by the on-board flash just fine. I wouldn't think you have a need to have your SB-600 transmitting flash info.

From what I can tell, your SB-600 should do you just fine.
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This response may be too late, but you might want to check out want Ken Rockwell has to say about the SB-600 here:


Personally, I find Ken's opinions and advice refreshingly candid and almost always helpful.

Good luck ... by the way, if you do get the 600, post back here and let us know how pleased you are with it ... I've been practicing a tremendous amount of self-control since purchasing the D70 (i.e. resisting the urge to keep ordering ... SB-600 flash and tele lens to start) ...


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Well I guess I got duped for $100s. Thats what you get for reading. But thank god outside of a few more dollars I still didnt go wrong with the SB-800:-)Just have to pump iron to carry the few more ounzes of flash, and put rocks in the pocket where the duckets are missing:-)
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