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Kaptain Kopter Apr 24, 2010 1:38 PM

Free App For iPhone Users: Nikon Learn & Explore - photo tips, techniques and terms.
Downloaded this the other night, seems very helpful :)


Nikons Learn & Explore iPhone application gives you quick, easy and on-the-go access to a world of photography information. Whether youre a beginning photographer or an experienced enthusiastic, the Learn & Explore iPhone app has content that will be of interest to you.

Customer Reviews
Nikon World Content is nice

by AdamJRed
It's a nice app and has more use the what I would expect from a manufacturer, but it is lacking in some areas. It contains a glossary but it could use visual references, how about some photography basics while we are at it?

How about including the ability to download and read equipment manuals while on the go? Add these features and I'll give this advertapp 5 stars, for now it's 4.

Having good mobile access to Nikon World magazine content is the best part of the app!

Nikon Shooters and anyone who loves photography should get this App!

by sportster65
I just stumbled upon this app and immediately downloaded it, what a terrific app. I have yet to find anything that would justify a poor rating. I have been using Nikon cameras for 20+ years and Nikon has always been a leader in photographic education. This is just another example of Nikon putting out a product for Nikon shooters that is very useful and insightful.
Right now there are 65 articles to read covering a large range of topics, there is a lot of content to go through. There are also alot of photos to give ideas and inspiration to any photographer who seeks it out.
The content is obviously updated so there will be fresh content to draw from, I would recommend getting this app which is FREE, what a termendous value from Nikon.
I am not employed by Nikon, but I use exclusively use Nikon bodies and glass, and have always been pleased with it. I have also attended several Nikon Schools and as usual the amount of information is unbelieveable.
Get this app go through it and judge for yourself, for the price it is a bargain that cant be passed up.

Great Resources and Articles

by MeisterDon
I love photography very much and I love having this app with me wherever I go. For one thing the glossary is very helpful when I come across a term I haven't seen before. The picture gallery is also very wonderful and the articles are great to read. The only thing I find lacking is the lessons. I think there should be a great deal more lessons but as long as this app keeps updating and adding more content such as articles and lessons, it will always be on my phone.

DSProtection Apr 24, 2010 2:49 PM

Yeah, I have that one too. Itīs a great app. Especially since itīs free.
I recommend it to all Nikon shooters who, like me are beginners.

kazuya Apr 30, 2010 8:15 AM

yea ive got this on my iphone as well, it has some good stuff and gets updated regularly.
i also use a pdf reader, which allows me to carry the cameras manuals around with me on my phone, which is great when your mind goes blank when trying to alter a setting you dont often use :)

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