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I just received the first lens for my nikon d70 (18-70mm AF-S DX f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED). and from what i have been told, once you attach the lens it is pretty user friendly. NOw this is my firt slr, so maybe i am doing something wrong. But nothing happens once the lens is on and i turn it on, and the camera is on AF..

NOw i am an amatuer at this, so i will admit it could be a mindless mistake on my part. But i hope to give myself a little more credit than that, and i have read the manual. So do you think this could be a lens, or camera issue? (Or me)?

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I received mine on monday and it all works perfect.
I just found out that it doesn't like white paper in dark rooms sometimes. I didn't want to AF for 2 times but works great and fast the rest of the time!

What does the camera do? nothing? or does it focus but it is actually out of focus?
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This is not meant to insult your intelligence at all.

Check to make sure the button on the front is set to AF(auto focus) notM (manual).

Easy to forget the most obvious. I did it just the other day when I could not get some of my menu settings to work. Took me awhile to figure out I had left the button on M.

If this is not the case as you said in your post it is set on AF then you could have a problem. Take the lens off and on to make sure it is seated right and all the way locked on.

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I have a lens that will not AF unless you MAX out the F-Stop. is there an fEE flashing?

I know this because I got a Vivitar 100mm Macro yesterday and I had the same problem. At 3.5 the camera errors out - at F22 - works perfectly!!
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There is no f/stop ring on Nikkor DX type lenses. What you're talking about is normal, if the lens has an f/stop ring it must be locked at minimum aperture or else you will get that error on the data LCD.

With the AF-S 18-70 you need to make sure the switch on the lens is set to M/A and the switch on the body is set to AF. If it still doesn't autofocus then remove the lens and visually check the contacts on both the lens and the camera lens mount. If they look clean then the problem is probably with the lens, check it with another lens to be sure it isn't a camera problem before getting a replacement lens.

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On top of what Steve has said, DO NOT press the button when mounting the lens. That is the lens release button, and pressing it while mounting a lens retracts the AF screw at the 7 oclock position on the lens mount (redundant with AF-S lenses, but nonetheless disturbs the body's lens detection methods).

Also, something that has not been mentioned but may not be straightforward to a new user - the camera/lens only focuses when you have your finger depressing the shutter release half way down.
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